Spiritual Permaculture Design

One of the spiritual centres of my garden, under a cherry tree by the pond (in zone 2)

There are lots of inspiring Permaculture Design information and courses available both online and in real life. You can read about zones, climate, micro-climate, major wind and sun directions, soil and water conditions, the location of the house, etc.

Regarding design, I would like to add one aspect that I found absolutely essential in the development of my own garden in Hungary.

For me permaculture, among other things, is dancing with Nature. Me and my garden, we are in a special relationship, just like with a human partner. We constantly communicate, exchange information, materials, energy, inspiration. We provide each other space for inner development.

Therefore for me Permaculture Desing is a very spiritual act.

Feel it 🙂

I ask my garden to support my inner path by providing meaningful activities as well as space for meditation, spiritual practices.

Instead of looking at my garden only as a space to live and a source of food, I see my garden as a temple, in which magic happens, Nature happens, cooperation and connection between humans and others happen.

Based on the joy and inspiration I receive from this approach, I encourage everyone to have a look at your own gardens in this spirit, before even starting any cognitive design. Especially if you have a garden with low biodiversity and only a few habitats, which gives you plenty of space for creating high diversity habitats.

By developing our permaculture gardens we mimic Nature and create space in it for ourselves, as well.

So try to have a look at your garden as a temple and seek answers for these questions:

  1. What are the (potential) power-places in your garden? Are there any big trees under which, you can see yourself relaxing, meditating, doing yoga, reading, having a nap?
  2. What do you feel to be the spiritual center or centers of the garden? This is not a practical thing, it is more on the energetic level of the garden. If you don’t have one in your garden yet, where can you imagine/feel it to be? Where do you see yourself the best able to energetically communicate with your garden about her needs and also your needs? You might want to plant a walnut, a lime, an olive, or any other tree that feels right for you (and the climate) specifically for spiritual purposes as your garden matures.
  3. What is the need of the garden in relation with its own spirituality? What does it lack? How can you improve the spiritual energy level of the garden? How can you improve the self-healing capacity of your own garden on a spiritual level?
One of the spiritual centres of my garden, under a walnut tree (in zone 4)

I suggest that you meditate with these questions. Just by sitting in your garden try to listen to what she tells you about these questions, before you start any practical design activities.

And if you receive any answers, try to incorporate them into your design, even if they are not so obvious answers zone-wise for example.

Enjoy it! ❤