Permaculture and mental health

We are living in challenging times. The care crisis, the climate crisis, and in many cases the housing crisis hit many of us in Europe and around the world. Where are we heading? What will the future bring? How can we cope with overpopulation and biodiversity loss? How can we cope mentally, facing all the damage we cause as humans and all the hardships we create to fellow living creatures?

One way might be permaculture. I strongly believe, feel, and experience that learning about permaculture and participating in permaculture and social permaculture practices are very good and sensible actions to contribute to the common good and also our own self-care and mental health.

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Primary school permaculture in Malta


It is amazing to see how permaculture is gaining momentum in many places around the world. It is not a marginal subculture anymore as it used to be even some years ago. By now it is a strong and legitimate movement that makes an awful lot of sense. Social, environmental and economic rationale proved that permaculture is one of THE answers to many environmental and social challenges and crises humanity is facing in the present times. Joining the movement St Joan Antide Primary School in Malta initiated an Erasmus+ project called: School Permaculture Garden. It is a two-year-old project with partnering schools from Macedonia, Croatia, Iceland. Continue reading “Primary school permaculture in Malta”

Plant a tree at Christmas!

Imagine… Imagine this Christmas… Imagine this Christmas after the announcement of the IPCC report.

Imagine what the report says: “We have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe“.

Imagine people celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah around the winter solstice, buying all the things we normally buy as humanity.

Imagine all the creatures, depths, currents, flows many of us had the privilege to watch and see in the Blue Planet II. series.
Imagine all the plastic Sir David Attenborough is talking about towards the end.¬†Feel it… Continue reading “Plant a tree at Christmas!”