Introduction to Permaculture (basic course)

Pupils are enjoying the vermiculture experience

I put together a short course for schools, gardens, municipalities, communities, interested people. I am happy to come to your site or community and offer this to your audience. This is the basic structure of the course that can be modified according to the needs of the specific audience.

Duration of the course: 2-6 hours (according to local needs)

Age group: any (the course is always tailored to the specific audience)

Main topics covered:

  • What is permaculture
  • Permaculture and its potential in environmental, social, economic sustainability
  • Ecosystems and their importance in permaculture
  • “Observe and interact” and the permaculture principles
  • Composting and vermiculture
  • How to set up a worm bin at home

Additional optional modules:

  • Onsite practical experience (based on local conditions, to be discussed individually)
  • Creating a little pond from truck tires
  • Permaculture tricks and practices

Course price: depends on the duration, complexity etc.

Please, get in touch if you want to order a course or discuss details.


I met Kinga when I wanted to purchase organic worms to set up a School Wormery.  Kinga was willing to supply our school, St. Paul’s Missionary College, in Rabat, with worms to start off our wormeries.  She offered to deliver a programme about vermiculture and support the boys with any questions they may have about these organic worms.  She delivered a short presentation during assembly and gave the children the opportunity to handle the worms and the fertile soil that they produced.  Following this, she visited the classes to speak with the children and help them set up their wormeries. 

Kinga impressed the teachers and Senior Management Team with her expertise in delivering such an educational workshop with these young children.  She captivated their interest and motivated them to become involved in the caring of these fascinating creatures.  She is very knowledgeable of the subject and was able to deliver an informative programme in such a professional manner.

Giselle Theuma
SPMC Teacher, Malta

Some pics about the spirit:


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